Extended Services

Onebrightly brings together years of expertise in the insurance industry and a broad range of technology-driven services to provide value to both the carrier, broker, agent and policyholder. In addition to the Blue Marble Cyber and Quik-Line™ platforms, Onebrightly users also have access to a broad range of proprietary Onebrightly technologies to help enhance product offerings, increase market accessibility, and gain valuable strategic insights with data analytics. These services act as a complement to the Blue Marble Cyber and Quik-Line platforms, allowing providers to be responsive to customers’ real-time needs and expectations. Our expanded services include:


  • Professional Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • List Generation
  • Client Journey/Lifecycle
  • Market Accessibility
  • Expanded Product Development


Our solutions are designed to ensure that both the carrier and the small business owner benefit. Onebrightly users unlock a trove of technologies that empower them. It is our purpose to look holistically at the entire policyholder lifecycle and determine methods to maximize that journey, using an array of Onebrightly services. We look beyond the end client’s immediate insurance needs and, using our own analytics platform, are able to not simply satisfy the needs they have today, but also predict and incorporate the needs they’ll have tomorrow. Our goal is to create an entire ecosystem of lifestyle and insurance services that work together to deliver the greatest value possible to the end user while providing new opportunities to the carrier to differentiate and grow offerings.