Cyber Scams

Cyber criminals are very devious and have many ways to separate you from your money. Here are a few to hopefully keep you safer. 


Cyber scams proliferate

New Microsoft Recall feature is a 'security nightmare' and could make Copilot+ PCs a top target for cyber criminals

Recall will record everything a user does including private information and will not hide or encrypt the private information. If cyber attackers get into a Copilot+ PC they will have access to everything done on the PC including all the sensitive and private information! One more security nightmare. 


Copilot+ Exposes everything

Google Detects 4th Chrome Zero-Day in May Actively Under Attack - Update ASAP

Zero-Day vulnerabilities are very dangerous. Chrome has 4 of them this month. Please install the update as soon as possible. 


Another Chrome Zero-Day

Critical Flaw in Replicate AI Platform Exposes Proprietary Data

AI while being able to do many helpful things also has many weaknesses. We have written about them before. Now a flaw in the Replicate platform exposes your data. Since this flaw is in AI as a Service models, there is nothing you can do to change it. But knowing about it can help you stay safer.


AI-as-a-Service exposing proprietary data

The End of an Era: Microsoft Phases Out VBScript for JavaScript and PowerShell

VBScript was a much used scripting language for a long time. Now it is being phased out. Be sure you start to migrate to new languages now as you don’t want to be caught without support or security updates for your environment. 


RIP VBScript

Why Is Cyber Defense So Difficult

Cyber breaches occur with alarming regularity. Why is it so difficult to protect against them? This Insight explores the topic and provides some explanations and ways to improve security. 


Why so many breaches?

Scammers Fake DocuSign Templates to Blackmail & Steal From Companies

DocuSign templates are designed to provide a secure way to sign documents securely. But now they have been compromised. Be sure of what you are using before entering or providing confidential information. 


DocuSign Templates Faked

Microsoft Has Yet to Patch 7 Pwn2Own Zero-Days

Despite public assertions about focusing on security, 7 serious vulnerabilities reported to Microsoft in March are still not patched.  


Actions speak louder than words

CISA Warns of Actively Exploited D-Link Router Vulnerabilities - Patch Now

D-Link is a popular router brand. Serious vulnerabilities are currently being exploited. Patches are available, install them now!


D-Link vulnerabilities exploited - patch now!

Google Patches Yet Another Actively Exploited Chrome Zero-Day Vulnerability

Chrome has been the subject of a number of Zero-Day exploits. Here is yet another one. Be sure to install patches as soon as possible.


Chrome Zero-Days - patch now!