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Cyber Crime is vast and largely unchartered, presenting unexpected and dangerous challenges to your family and/or business online security and privacy. A simple data breach can result in the loss of your business credit, your customers, your business.


OneBrightlyCyber Personal and Commercial Cyber Solutions fully integrated world class 24/7/365 cyber services and scanning, monitoring and alert technology, better protecting families and businesses against cyber breaches and threats. We provide intuitive and comprehensive cyber services that can be implemented in minutes to better protect your family or business against cyberattack.



Many cyber firms provide tools or cyber services that focus on pre-breach training, planning or post-breach response and recovery. These tools and services individually address parts of a much larger cyber threat that families and businesses face, but are not integrated and do not adequately protect against cyber-attack. We do it all in a simple cyber journey!


OneBrightlyCyber Services include five ongoing phases that integrate cyber scanning, monitoring and alerts with intuitive on-line resources and live cyber advocacy to better and more simply protect your family or business.


  1. Assess - You run a quick scan on your family’s emails or business' domain(s) to better identify where your personal or corporate data has been breached.
  2. Enhance - Based on your scan results, resources are provided to better plan, train your family members or employees and protect your data and network against cyber-attack.
  3. Respond - Experienced Cyber Advocates are available 24/7/365 to help your family or business respond to a cyberattack. Ongoing monitoring of your email(s), domain(s) and network is active and automated in the background.
  4. Recover - Post cyber event, we provide you with guidance on how to recover from the cyber event and get back to life and business as normal.
  5. Support - Timely cyber updates and reference are provided to your family and business on the latest cyber threats.


OneBrightlyCyber Solutions

Setting the standard for personal and commercial cyber assessment, protection, response and support.